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Bringing a Town to Life

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What’s old is new again at Rockville Town Square in Rockville, Md.  To look at some of these pictures, you might guess that the graceful brick buildings are from a long time ago, maybe more than a century old.  However, these buildings are part of a new, mixed-use development designed to revitalize Rockville’s downtown. The square is designed to be pedestrian-friendly, with shops, restaurants, government and cultural resources and over 600 condo and residential residences. In order to make Rockville Town Square look like it has been around for a while, the buildings have different facades.  This helps them look like they have been added on to over the years, instead of being built at once.

Marvin products were used in Rockville Town Square.  With 2,000 openings to fill, Marvin delivered with Clad Ultimate Double Hung and Round Top windows, Clad Ultimate Inswing French Doors and Clad Sliding Patio Doors.  Thirteen standard and select clad colors were used.  For the screens, the surrounds matched the window cladding to make them as unobtrusive as possible. Marvin Signature Products and Services worked hard to make sure the mulls used were rated DP25 and had extra defense against moisture.  Customized grilles-between-the-glass added the perfect traditional finishing touch, with modern easy cleaning.

Living, shopping and dining in one beautiful downtown: life doesn’t get much better than at Rockville Town Square.

Rockville Town Square’s architect was WDG Architecture, the contractor was Whiting-Turner and the dealer was Lightstyles, Ltd.