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Bloggers preview home technology innovations for 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show


The 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) kicks off Tuesday in Las Vegas and some of the most well-respected blogs are making predictions for what to expect.

Over the years, CES has been the site where companies have introduced innovations like the camcorder, the compact disc, high-definition televisions and even the original Nintendo gaming system.

Last year, we highlighted household innovations from the CES floor, which included many smart home technologies that will re-shape the way we live in and interact with our homes.

Here’s some of the early predictions for what we’ll see at the 2012 CES:

Mat Smith, Engadget: “It’ll be what we’re not seeing that looks likely to be the major trend for household tech — namely wires. We’re expecting to see broader (and closer to retail) takes on inductive charging. We’re talking more convenient ways to wirelessly top up your phone, possibly integration into your car and home — all in a way that’s far more subtle than that black industrial mat of yesteryear. We’d expect to see it seeping into many more devices beyond smartphones. Leave those remotes on your coffee table as it charges the batteries for you.”

Matt Burns, TechCrunch: “A smaller but still notable trend for the 2012 CES involves Siri clones inside new product types … Several smart TV concepts have optional voice controls. Using a mic embedded in a remote, viewers are supposedly able to control certain functions with just their voice. We haven’t seen any demos but the company’s limited descriptions lends us to believe that the feature set is very limited and is probably more of a novelty than a useful feature.”

Kukil Bora, International Business Times: “The CES 2012 will introduce enhanced energy management system in your home, using gadgets like thermostats that can be controlled remotely via browsers and smartphones. Broadband companies are also getting into the scene by selling home-automation bundles. In October last year, Verizon started offering a Motorola system for remotely monitoring energy and cameras in the home, which was previewed at the CES last year.”