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Who doesn’t love a deal? When it comes to housing, there are  a lot of bargains out there right now. But some can blow you away with their prices. MSN Real Estate recently rounded up some of the cheapest houses in each market. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

The award for cheapest house goes to this Detroit house, which can be all yours for $1. Yes, $1. It looks like it requires quite a bit of work, so your final outlay would probably be significantly more.

You could own this Jackson, Miss. house for only $4,900. But judging from the picture, you might need to shell out for some landscaping.

How about living in one of the most exclusive places in America? Let’s just say that $399,000 isn’t cheap by most people’s standards. And the house is small, at only 676 square feet.  Plus, it has a bit of an unsavory recent history. But hey, its in Beverly Hills!

What do you think of seeking out cheap houses? Are they diamonds in the rough or just rough? Are they worth the money and the risk?

Photos courtesy of MSN Real Estate.