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Beautiful house, painful beginning

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It is one of my secret life dreams to buy an incredibly ugly house and transform it into something beautiful. I want to work with an architect to design a beautiful addition and remake the interior floor plan of said junk heap. And of course, an experienced remodeler and her team would be necessary to make my drab house into a dream house.

So what’s stopping me besides money? The thought of living in a construction zone. I really, really enjoy having things like a working kitchen and a shower. Oh, and dust everywhere and people in and out of the house all day can really wear a girl down. The payoff is worth it, but man, there’s some major pain in the meantime.

I’m not the only one who feels this way. Over on Huffington Post, Geri Spieler gives some tips from her extensive remodeling experiences (she’s remodeled three kitchens!). Two of her most awesome tips are:

1. Get a theme! This will help your interior flow and lead you away from chintz in the living room and a chrome and glass modern kitchen.

2. That said, there aren’t rules. Your house, your money, your decisions. Plan, yes, but if you want something a little out of the ordinary, go for it! YOU are the one living there.

To this, I’d add:

3. Do it once, do it right. When I finally do my remodel, I’m going to try my hardest to use the best materials I can. For instance, using Marvin products means more energy efficiency and beauty, as opposed to a vinyl replacement windows. Flooring? Heck, let’s go for hardwood over laminate that might scratch easily.

Have you remodeled and lived to tell the tale? Were there any special pain points for you?