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Frist Hall_Dining

Back to School: Jennifer and Billy Frist Hall at Currey Ingram Academy

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It’s September, and that means crisp weather, fall colors, and going back to school. Marvin’s commercial experience and capabilities in restoration and new building mean that we are frequently sought after for educational facilities. To celebrate back to school time, we will be featuring a few of our favorite educational facility projects throughout September.

Currey Ingram Academy is a college prep K-12 school located on a picturesque 80-acre farm in rural Tennessee. The Jennifer and Billy Frist Hall is the sixth completed building and the heart of campus. The buildings draw inspiration from the arts and crafts style and use natural materials such as fieldstone to relate back to the rural environment. This hall draws from this style as well as a more refined collegiate style. Natural, warm materials have been carefully chosen to meet the dual needs of being a functional learning place with a residential feel. To help achieve these goals, Marvin’s Ultimate Casement was chosen for its design flexibility and energy efficiency.

The Jennifer and Billy Frist Hall, designed by Michael Ward of Allard Ward Architects, was a winner of the 2014 Architects Challenge.

Frist Hall_Front

Frist Hall_Library and Tower

Frist Hall_Side