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Back to School: Burr and Burton Academy Mountain Campus

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Continuing with our coverage of schools in celebration of back to school, we’re featuring a beautiful rural campus with a unique challenge…

Burr and Burton Academy Mountain Campus in Vermont charged their architects and builders (Bensonwood) with not only designing a beautiful building, but with giving their students an awareness of their surroundings. Marvin Signature Services achieved an impressive engineering feat by stacking large, uniquely-shaped, Tripane fixed and operating window assemblies for the south-facing window wall. In addition to being aesthetically beautiful and letting in an abundance of sunshine, the school building is certified LEED™ Platinum with close to net zero energy status, thanks in part to the Tripane windows used. Ultimate Casements and the Commercial Door from Marvin were also used in this project.

Marvin’s Architectural Services department was instrumental in helping this project achieve success. Their expertise and collaboration with Signature Services allowed this project’s unusual windows to meet Burr and Burton Academy’s expectations.