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At-home ideas for New Year's Eve

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It’s almost New Year’s Eve! Although it’s a great night to go out and see all that your city has to offer, New Year’s Eve is also expensive and crowded. And who needs the hassle of getting a cab home? Sometimes it’s nice to just relax and enjoy your house on the last night of the year. Here are a few suggestions for what to do:

  • Have a chili party: Chili is easy and versatile and pretty hard to mess up. You could assign someone to bring white bean chicken chili, another to bring classic chili con carne, another to bring black bean vegetarian chili, another to bring pork chili with salsa verde…you get the idea. For guests that aren’t big on cooking, it’s easy to bring chili accouterments like grated cheese, onions, cilantro, etc.
  • Dessert and champagne party: Whether you are a master baker or just pick sweets up at the bakery, a dessert party will satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth on NYE! Don’t forget lots of champagne.
  • Book club: If you have a literary bent, how about arranging a book club meeting for New Year’s? Bonus points if you design the menu around the book’s theme.
  • Slumber party: Stay safe and stay off the roads! Invite your friends and their sleeping bags for a night of old-fashioned fun. Board games, movies, etc…the sky is the limit!

Have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve!

Image courtesy of EricMagnuson on Flickr.