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Architect's Challenge winner: Marquette Park Pavilion

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“Well done renewal of a great classical structure.” –David Furman, Architect’s Challenge judge

The Pavilion at Marquette Park is a two-story building originally designed by George Maher & Son in 1926. The Pavilion, its connecting bridge, and the outdoor dance pavilion are considered some of the finest examples of Prairie style park structures in the Midwest. Maher’s original design was kept in mind for restoration of both the interior and exterior of the Pavilion.

The Pavilion is located in Gary, Ind., next to Lake Michigan, a lagoon and two steel mills — an environment that resulted in severe biological growth, soiling and deterioration of the building. The restoration work included the removal of non-original features, the restoration of the brick and cast-stone façade, and replication of the original windows, doors, skylights and light fixtures.

Referencing historic drawings, photographs and postcards, intricate Prairie style features were replicated — including window lite configuration and operation. With the help of Marvin, Marquette Park and its Pavilion were restored once again as a shining jewel on the beaches of Lake Michigan.

Bill Latoza of BauerLatoza Studio was the architect for this project. Marvin products used include Ultimate Casement and Ultimate Double Hung windows. Learn more — and see more photos — about this and other projects in our 2013 Architect’s Challenge winners gallery.

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