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Berkshire School Allen Theater

Architect's Challenge Showdown: These hallowed halls

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At Marvin, we believe that good design is a crucial component to happiness. And where better to put that in to play than educational institutions? In the Architect’s Challenge Showdown, we’re lucky enough to have some gorgeous Marvin schools (well, not schools that teach Marvin; that’s called our  Wm. S. Marvin Training and Visitor Center!). Let’s take a look, shall we?

The 27,500-square-foot school dormitory was originally built in 1971. This renovation project was done in three phases, from 2010 to 2012. Phase one encompassed student dorm rooms, phase two addressed exterior finish systems, and phase three renovations included film studies, radio studio, offices and theater-arts spaces.

Berkshire School Allen Hall Renovation by Steve Nelson of Moser Pilon Nelson Architects

Currey Ingram Academy is a college prep K-12 school that caters to students who have unique learning styles. The high school is the fourth completed building on this rural site outside of Nashville, Tennessee.

Currey Ingram

Currey Ingram Academy by Michael Ward of Allard Ward Architects

This clubhouse for the men’s and women’s rugby clubs at an Ivy League college is flanked by two rugby fields separated vertically by 20 feet of elevation. Taking advantage of the sloping site between the fields, the primary public spaces are located on the parking or upper level. The locker rooms and team rooms are located at the lower level, accessing the main playing field. The clubroom and deck face south, which gives spectators a warm spot to watch games in rugby seasons.

Dartmouth Rugby

Rugby Clubhouse at Dartmouth College by Randall Mudge of Randall T. Mudge & Associates
New Hampshire

What do you think of these amazing schools? Do they remind you of your schools, or are they what you wish learning looked like? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to vote in the Showdown!