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PA Private Residence

Architect's Challenge Showdown: Beautiful, but lesser-known

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We have been so impressed by the quality of the projects in our Architect’s Challenge Showdown. We’d love to visit any of them! Today we want to shine a light on some projects that haven’t been getting quite as much attention.

Originally, this project’s scope included a new living room and new front porch. Then the project grew to include a complete renovation of the existing house; design of a pool house, garage, wine cellar, and second-floor guest suite in the pool house; and complete landscaping, including terraces, gazebos, and new driveway.

Private Residence by Christine Ussler of Artefact, Inc.

An existing 1890’s home in Brooklyn was restored from the ground up, marrying the structural integrity of the existing framing with a modern twist on restoring the original architectural elements.

Restored Residence

Restored Home by Pat Castellano of Castellano Associates
New York 

A new energy-efficient single-family residence, on 90 acres, incorporated stone veneer that was quarried on site.

Pilot's Knob

Pilot’s Knob by Rob McKelvey of McKelvey Architecture

Zephyr8 is a vacation/retirement home of about 800 square feet. The owner wanted a compact and efficient home with rich interior and exterior spaces, and privacy. Because the owner travels frequently the house needed to be opened and closed easily. The house is partially prefabricated using structural insulated panels. The annual energy consumption is the equivalent of two cords of wood.


BJJ Zephyr8 by Steve Jensen of Steve Jensen Architect

Sunny Knoll is a new, shingle style residence in the historic village of Watch Hill, Rhode Island. The residence incorporates traditional elements of the shingle style with clean, simple lines and Asian elements such as the flared roof eaves. The interior opens up onto several screened-in porches providing ventilation and informality to the dining porch, sleeping porch, and a three-seasons room.

Sunny Knoll

Sunny Knoll by Michael McKinley of Michael McKinley and Associates, LLC
Rhode Island

Take a look at these and all the other amazing projects at the Architect’s Challenge Showdown page. Don’t forget to vote. Time is running out quickly for Round Two. Make sure your favorites stick around!