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Architects Challenge Showdown: Almost the Final Round

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The Architects Challenge Showdown is still in full swing and only a few days remain until we see who the final five competitors are. Every single project is an architectural marvel, so you simply can’t go wrong with who you vote for. Since we love them all, for this week we thought we would share with you a few amazing contemporary homes that are still in the running…

This home was designed and constructed in parallel with the rebirth of Cleveland, Ohio. Being fond of Prairie Style design, the homeowner wanted to achieve a modern adaptation of it. The result was a radical departure from the traditional homes of the surrounding community.

Clyde Hill

This modern Washington home was designed with contrasting materials and large expanses of glazed openings to blur the distinction between the interior and exterior. As important as the design was the function of the windows, and these units provided excellent UV protection with Low-E coatings, all while meeting stringent local energy codes.

Pine Street

This urban Philadelphia renovation turned an ordinary dual residence into an amazing single home. Marvin windows opened up expansive views from inside the house, and they defined the look of the exterior. The result was a true transformation from the inside out.

Whether you love contemporary, traditional, transitional, commercial or more, the Architects Challenge Showdown has something for you! You can vote once a day, every day, so make sure to send your favorite on to the next round.