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Adirondack Camp 1

Architects Challenge: Adirondack Camp

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When it comes to remodeling, it’s easy to do more harm than good. That’s why you need a good architect on your side, who can sensitively design a renovation or addition that fits in with your home’s character, and your lifestyle. Architects Jacob Albert and J.B. Clancy of Albert Righter & Tittman Architects with Sally Berk Assoc. AIA did just that for a beautiful lake home that took top honors in the Architects Challenge Best Remodel/Addition Category.

Collaborating with a homeowner who has professional experience as a historian, and who has an education in architecture, this remodeled cabin developed as a truly unique expression of Adirondack design. Taking care to avoid certain clichés and ornamentation, the addition paid close attention to detail, honoring the spirit of the old cabin, and providing a more expansive interior. The surprising tower form was inspired by old fire towers perched on Adirondack mountain tops. Clad windows from Marvin proved compatible with the vibrant color scheme of the original wood windows and trim and afforded stunning lake views.

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