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Architect explains his approach to letting the light -- and views -- shine in


The Minnesota Homes By Architects Tour, showcases 14 new and remodeled homes with an eye toward more than simple aesthetic pleasure:

This tour is about more than simple oohs and ahhs… it is about experiencing how design solutions — from dramatic to subtle — arouse an emotional response and create a sense of place. It is about observing first hand how working with an architect transformed what could have been run of the mill living spaces to responsive, tailored domestic environments.

Bryan Anderson of SALA Architects, Inc. is the architect on Home #1 on the tour. This project uses multiple custom sizes and shapes of Marvin Windows and Doors to show off the expansive views and let in lots of natural light. In the video below, Anderson speaks with Jeff Hoffman from Marvin Windows and Doors and shares some details about his approach to this home.

HBA Home 1 Standard & Custom Windows from Ryan Siemers on Vimeo