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Apple's Home Automation Ecosystem


The diagram above, courtesy of Inhabitat, is a simplified version of a complex idea: running your entire home from a smartphone. But if anyone can make it work, it would probably be Apple, which has filed a patent for an intelligent home automation ecosystem that would control every device in your home. (By the way — don’t you love the ’60s-era tabletop radio in the diagram?)

There’s no doubt that full home automation is coming. We already see it in items like the Nest thermostat and even in remote starting for cars, which Minnesotans love because it lets us warm up the car on those cold winter mornings. Apple’s system calls not only for control of home devices and appliances, but for intelligent learning that will allow devices to understand your usage patterns and anticipate your needs.

Marvin Windows and Doors is responding to consumer desire for home automation. This year, in a first for the window industry, Marvin introduced an automated exterior shading system that’s fully integrated, fully retractable and fully concealed. Now homeowners can enjoy the convenience and energy efficiency benefits of a motorized, fully programmable shading system.

It’s not quite The Jetsons — but just give us a few years.