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All about Scenic Doors

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A door is so much more than just a way to get into your home (although, that’s definitely an important aspect! We don’t recommend climbing through your windows). A door can add interest, complement or contrast with your architectural style, let the light in, bridge the indoors and out…and provide an entry and exit.

Marvin makes patio, French and Scenic Doors. We are seeing a lot of interest in our Scenic doors line…these extremely large doors are great for bringing the outdoors in by elegantly and effortlessly connecting your inside space with the environment found right outside your doors. We offer three configurations: Multi-Slide, Lift and Slide and Bi-Fold.

The Ultimate Multi-Slide Door from Marvin® is more than just a new panoramic door. It’s an entirely new lifestyle. Smoothly slide it open and invite into your home expansive views, fresh air and an abundance of warm, natural light. The Ultimate Multi-Slide Door has an unmatched 0.28 U-Factor for energy efficiency.  Choose either Pocket or Stacked operation, complementary hardware and frame openings up to fifty feet wide and twelve feet high. Just like that, ordinary, boring and conventional slide away, too.

The Bi-Fold Door is a simple, elegant solution for indoor/outdoor luxury living – opening wide to invite fresh air in, blurring the boundaries and creating connections with verandas, gardens or adjoining interior spaces. A single outswing access panel allows for easy handling with an elite hardware system that’s designed for exterior residential and light commercial folding door applications. The unit features a mortise latch or multi point locking system, and it can incorporate ADA or floor channel sill options for seamless transitions.

For the times when you don’t want anything to stand between you and your view, Marvin designed the Ultimate Lift and Slide. Available with openings up to fifty feet wide and twelve feet high, its recessed or flush sills allow for a seamless transition between exterior and interior. Marvin’s industry-exclusive hardware virtually disappears, giving you an incredibly clean and unobstructed view with effortless operation. Pocket and Stacked configurations give you the flexibility to fit your unique needs and vision while complementing your Marvin windows and patio doors.

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