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A Modern Home Atop a 290-Acre Barley Farm

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Most of the time when an architect doesn’t follow a homeowner’s direction, it doesn’t end with a happy customer. This modern home in Rural Squirrel, Idaho is an amazing exception. Lauri and Doug Siddoway originally wanted a traditional, Tuscan-style home, but architect Mitch Blake drew different inspiration from the open farmland on which the residence sits.

The home features reclaimed materials and a lot of glass, as well as a rammed-earth wall made of “packed layers of soil, water and waste product from gravel and concrete plants.” Not just a striking design element, the wall also helps regulate the home’s temperature.

Though the home sits alone in remote farmland that requires a long drive, it’s hard to beat its expansive mountain views. Learn more about this design, highlighted by the Wall Street Journal, here.