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A Historically Correct Before and After

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Marvin has one of the most dedicated sales teams around. These experts know everything about windows and doors (seriously, just try to stump them!) and are a wonderful support for our channel customers and homeowners. Jim Piatt, a Marvin sales rep in the East North Central region, shared this story with us:

“Do you do replacement windows?” How many opportunities start with those words? The owners of this Tudor home didn’t want just replacement windows, they were looking to preserve the architectural style and accuracy of their home while improving the performance and usability of the windows.

After talking to three different window replacement companies they chose the local Marvin Authorized Installing Retailer and followed every recommendation all the way through the project. Living in a historical neighborhood required a unique planning and approval process. The sales person at the Authorized Installing Retailer had done other homes in this area and knew what the Historic Association required, so he recommended an architect for preliminary drawings of their home with the windows drawn in and specification included.

A builder was also brought in who had done previous projects in the neighborhood. The team went through every window opening, exterior and interior. Marvin’s double hung insert was chosen with Low-E glazing. This allowed them to remove the existing storm windows and give the home a much cleaner look while improving the overall energy efficiency for the opening. Both exterior and interior trims were left intact maintaining the correct trim to the age of the home without having to specially mill any new casings. The windows looked 50-years-old, exactly the way they were supposed to look.

When the job was complete, the dealer hosted a “come see what we did” party for the whole neighborhood. At the party I heard more than once comments like this: From the homeowners-“This couldn’t have been any easier! They measured and custom made every window. Everything fit and the builder was in and out in no time.” From the builder-“Marvin was there start to finish, from measuring to making sure the windows were delivered on time and complete.” From the local Historical Board representative-“I wish all window companies were this prepared, and what a beautiful window!”

Thanks for sharing Jim! Jim also passed along some photos of this replacement. We’ve got to agree–what a beautiful window!

Have you needed a historically correct window?