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A Coastal Cottage With a Twist

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Yes, you’re seeing this right. This gorgeous Cape Cod home is actually three separate cottages connected by large panes of glass. Stunning, yes, but the inspired design has more to do with the severe environmental conditions than anything else.

Due to the rugged elements that strike the East Coast, there are strict building requirements – including height and footprint restrictions – that often result in low structures without multi-level appeal. Creating separate structures allowed for the home to sit taller behind the dunes, and Marvin windows and doors proved best to stand up against wind-driven rain and sand.

While traditional double hung windows are used sparingly on the ocean-facing side, the more modern side of the home faces inland. Looking out into the endless green landscape, large panes of glass provide unobstructed views and, as the architect remarked, hinged doors were chosen as they better operate in sandy conditions.

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