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A $1 billion mistake

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We’ve all made mistakes at work. It’s natural; we’re human and usually mistakes can be fixed. But housing mistakes take on a whole new dimension. And one builder (actually, more likely a group) made a big mistake on an expensive property.

One of the richest men in India decided to build a $1 billion tower to live in in Mumbai (there are three helipads!). And yet he supposedly doesn’t live there. Is the tower crumbling? Did the builder forget that essential fourth helipad (really, who could live without that?!)?

No, the U.S.-based firm used to build the home apparently did not pay attention to cultural and religious needs. According to MSN Real Estate:

“…U.S.-based architects Perkins & Will and Hirsch Bender Associates did not account for the Indian doctrine of Vastu Shastra.

Typically associated the design of Hindu temples, Vastu Shastra precepts call for a balance of the five natural elements — air, earth, space, fire and water — among other things. This may help explain the house’s pool and “ice room,” in which snow flurries reportedly fall from the ceiling.”

Oops. So who is most at fault here? A builder that didn’t pay attention to culture? A client who wasn’t clear about what he wanted? An approval process that apparently fell apart? We all make mistakes…but a $1 billion mistake is a big one!

Image courtesy of MSN Real Estate.