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Berkshire Farmhouse

7 Things We Love About Architects Challenge

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Once a year, architects have the chance to show off their most amazing, inspiring designs. From the rocky coast of Maine to the snowy mountaintops of Alaska, architects far and wide enter their best projects featuring Marvin windows and doors into the prestigious Marvin Architects Challenge. It’s the opportunity for architects to compete against the best – their peers – in a head-to-head competition, and see who comes out on top.

Submissions for the 2015 Marvin Architects Challenge are now open, and we couldn’t be more excited to see how architects are using our products to bring their designs to life. As we anxiously await entries, we reminisce on some of our favorite trends displayed by last year’s Architects Challenge winners.

1. Fresh marriage of traditional and contemporary design

Our 2014 Architects Challenge winner Berkshire Farmhouse struck the perfect balance between classic charm and modern elements.  To add a contemporary feel, Michael Waters, AIA of LDA Architectures & Interiors added a two-story living room and used floor-to-ceiling Marvin Ultimate Double Hung Magnum windows to create a panoramic view of the surrounding farmland.

2. Energy efficiency

We love when home design is not only beautiful but smart, too. The Boxwood House from Saniee Architects in Connecticut used super insulation to make the residence more energy efficient. They also kept the home’s orientation in mind to ensure the best natural lighting. It’s an inspiring example of modern high-performance design.

Boxwood House, Saniee Architects

3. Floor-to-ceiling windows

There’s something incredibly striking about a wall of glass in a home.  The design brings the outdoors in and gives homeowners unobstructed views of gorgeous landscapes. Two of our favorite floor-to-ceiling window designs are from 2014 Architect Challenge winners, Harbert Residence and Gatineau Hills. Stunning!

Gatineau Hills

Harbert Residence

4. Coastal design

When 2014 Best in Show winner, Patrick Ahearn, designed the Shingle-Style Sanctuary, he needed to consider aesthetics and the harsh coastal climate. In order to satisfy coastal building guidelines while staying true to his design, Ahearn got a little creative. Knowing bay and bow windows were restricted in coastal environments, Ahearn created the look and feel of a bow using individual Marvin StormPlus Double Hung units.

Shingle-Style Sanctuary

5. Functional beauty

Every year, the Marvin Architects Challenge receives a number of skilled commercial entries that wow us with their precision and highly functional uses of Marvin products. Jennifer and Billy Frist Hall project at Currey Ingram Academy was inspired by residential design elements to create a refined, yet warm, collegiate space where students could comfortably gather to learn.

Jennifer and Billy Frist Hall at Currey Ingram Academy,

6. Unique ideas and solutions

What do you get when you mix southern values and a rock-and-roll attitude? 2014 Architects Challenge winner the Nashville Residence by Bonadies Architect. For this project, Marvin created custom jambs that extruded to the exterior to achieve a dramatic “deep pocket” feel for the windows.

Nashville Residence

7. Gorgeous locations

Location. Location. Location. The Architects Challenge features homes in some of the most drool-worthy areas of the country. Whether its last year’s winning Golden View Residence in Alaska, which is nestled within the forested hillside, or the Arvida Lane Residence nestled among the palms trees of Southern Florida, Architects Challenge entries never fail to have us dreaming of our next getaway.

Golden View Residence

Have an inspiring project? Submit your entry and you just might be the next Marvin Architects Challenge winner!