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5 tips to green your living space from Ecofabulous founder Zem Joaquin


The final post in our series of advice columns for sustainability-focused site features tips from “eco designer” Zem Joaquin.

No one better epitomizes smart, healthy and stylish green living than Ecofabulous founder and cradle-to-cradle green designer Zem Joaquin. This eco jetsetter and green girl about town is well known for her phenomenal green parties, her insightful analysis of green products over on her site Ecofabulous, and her ability to make eco-friendly lifestyle choices feel glamorous and fun. We recently sat down with Zem to find out more about her gorgeous green home in the beautiful hills of Marin County, CA, and get her personal tips and tricks on how to make your home cleaner, greener and healthier through the power of smart design. Read on to find out about Zem’s secret tips for a green home, including – believe it or not – foot pedals on sinks!

She shares her advice for minimizing water waste, keeping your indoor air clean, using earth-friendly flooring alternatives and more. Read the full piece at Inhabitat.