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5 tips on green home remodeling from "Not So Big" author and architect Sarah Susanka


As we mentioned last week, Marvin is sponsoring a series of post at Inhabitat full of great green-living and remodeling tips from a variety of experts on specific niches within the broad world of “green.” The newest post in the series features an interview with our friend Sarah Susanka, who shared some great tips on remodeling a home with an eye toward making it more livable and efficient.

While conjuring up comfort in the home seems like a basic principle, it’s a far more complex process for architect & remodeling guru Sarah Susanka, who believes that comfort can significantly influence the sustainability of your personal abode. With her mantra of “build better, not bigger,” Susanka promotes quality over quantity when remodeling a home. Through transforming your living space into a more beautiful and comfortable environment, Susanka says that any home’s occupants will automatically take better care of their space in a more sustainable way. We sat down with Susanka to get the low-down on how to do more with less when revamping your space.

Read the full interview here.