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2015 Trends to Watch

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With the first full week of 2015 under our belts, we’re excited to see what fun home trends take hold this year. From interesting patterns and interior design to updates and classic pieces, here are five trends we’re most excited to see in months to come.

Mixed Metals
The Wall Street Journal recently called this idea out in its piece, Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2015. While old-school rules once cautioned mixing warm and cool tones, designers are now suggesting a mix of silver, gold and black metals to achieve a “strategic, layered mix.”

Photo: Arteriors

Deep Indigo
Another Wall Street Journal favorite, indigo blue is thought to be one of the colors of the moment — especially in luxury homes. The deep tone contrasts well with a more classic white, and designers are raving about its ability to play off of other colors. LA designer Sasha Emerson suggests pairing with “pink, cream gray, coral and sage.”

Textured Kitchens
Thinking of a kitchen revamp in 2015? Houzz caught up with designers who see big things for kitchens in 2015. One of the predicted trends we love is “touch-me textures,” like honed marbles and granites. Sydney kitchen designer Kesha Pillay also says that wood will take on new forms this year, stepping away from the high-gloss finishes.

Pairing Rustic and Modern
Details Magazine calls out a popular trend it’s seeing in home décor: pairing rustic pieces with contemporary elements. “By pairing two things that don’t seem to go together, you are actually emphasizing the best qualities of both.” We love the look!

Photo: Houzz

American Made
As consumers long for quality items and trust in the company’s from which they purchase, we think this year will see continued growth in American-made products. 2015 may be the year of authenticity in the marketplace, and Marvin Windows and Doors is proud of its heritage and family values in business.

What home trends are you most looking forward to this year? Visit Marvin’s photo gallery for your 2015 inspiration.