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2014 Home Trends

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Since we are at the start of 2014, we thought we would share a few trends we’re seeing for the upcoming year.

Stress-Free Living
Harried Americans are looking for products that will make their lives easier – especially at home, which is seen as a retreat from the hectic world. According to a report by The Futures Company, a smooth, stress-free experience is an important driver for the 2014 consumer. Marvin’s new interior shade system, with its beautiful lines and effortless one-hand operation, is a great example of bringing this concept to life.

Home Automation
Americans love technology, and automated home systems are becoming an expectation, particularly among upscale buyers. Homeowners want complete control over lighting, security, heating and cooling, and other functions – no matter whether they’re at home or on vacation. Marvin’s new integrated, automated exterior shades are a unique addition to home automation offerings.

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Energy Efficiency
It’s no surprise to see this topic on the list. Efficiency is being built into the very foundations of buildings, with siting becoming a key consideration for passive construction techniques. Marvin is addressing this trend with an array of products that feature industry-leading efficiency – including the first windows by a mainstream manufacturer that are certified by the Passive House Institute U.S.

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Bringing The Outdoors In
Large expanses of glass are being designed into more and more homes, while advances in window technology allow large glass areas without loss of structural integrity or energy efficiency. New products like Marvin’s 90-degree corner units make it easy to bring outdoors and indoors together.

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The Contemporary Look
Contemporary design never really went away, but it’s coming on strong in 2014. According to a national survey by Pulte Group, consumers want strong, linear looks and finishes that bring modern flair to a home. The contemporary look is particularly popular with homeowners under age 55.


Big is Back
After nearly a decade in retreat, home sizes are growing again, according to the National Association of Home Builders. The typical new home buyer wants a home that’s 17 percent larger than their current residence, according to the NAHB. And the average home size is up to 2505 square feet, nearly as large as it was at the peak of the housing
boom in 2007. Meanwhile, new annual housing starts have hit the 1 million mark again – the highest in more than five years, and an important indicator of a normal market.


What home trends do you see?