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2014 Architects Challenge Showdown Winner


Congratulations to Lian Eoyand, designer of the 2014 Architects Challenge Showdown winner: Summer Cottage.

Lian Eoyang, owner of VIF Studio, designed the Summer Cottage to replace another cottage that had been razed from the location after falling into disrepair. The cottage is one of two on the estate that houses guests. Hand-cut fieldstone matches the historic facades of other buildings on the property and creates a natural look that blends with the surrounding rocky shoreline. Drawing inspiration from world war II-era submarine towers and classic lighthouse structure, the tower offers a 180-degree view of the harbor and the Boston skyline. The raised ceilings and full length Marvin windows showcase the beautiful view while maintaining a transparent barrier from the harsh coastal elements.

131018_Nahant_1546_final 131010_Nahant_0259_final

The Architects Challenge Showdown consisted of five rounds of voting and eliminations to find the people’s choice winner. 134 participants were included in round one, at the end of each round the most popular projects advanced until only one remained. Lian Eoyang, designer of the winning project will receives a trip to the 2015 Reinvention Symposium in Washington D.C.