Remove surface dirt and check the exterior of your wood windows and doors at least once a year to ensure that the wood is not exposed to the elements by failing caulk or by paint that has cracked, pealed or bubbled.

Caring for Exterior, Painted Wood

Superficial surface dirt can be removed by washing painted wood exteriors with water and a soft-bristled, long-handled brush (such as those used for washing cars). Heavier accumulations can be removed with a mild solution of household detergent. Other cleaning solutions consisting of alcohol/water mixtures are also effective.

As with any cleaning operation on a vertical painted surface, streaking will be minimized if the surface is washed from the top to the bottom. Always rinse the surface well with clean water to remove excess detergent solutions or cleaners. Prolonged detergent contact with paint can cause damage to the finish.

Grease or oily materials may require the use of stronger cleaning compounds. Solvents or abrasive-type cleaners should be avoided. Do not allow strong detergents, ammonia, chemicals or other harsh cleaning substances to come in contact with finished exterior surfaces as they can cause damage.

Small damaged areas in the painted finish, such as nicks and scratches, may be touched up with a matching, high-quality latex primer and paint. Contact your local paint supply store for product recommendations and instructions.

Inspect the exterior caulking around the outer edges of the window frame. Trim off any old, loose caulking and seal any gaps with a good quality caulk.

Finishing and Painting Wood Windows and Doors

If you have a brand new, bare wood Marvin window or door, you must finish it immediately to prevent possible damage to the wood. Please view the Painting and Staining section for instructions.


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We’re honored! (literally). More about our Best of The International Builders' Show (IBS) award on MLuxe:
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