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What young homebuyers want


According to the Listed blog, up and coming young homebuyers have some specific wishes, and they aren’t what you might think.

Gen Y apparently doesn’t want things like soaker tubs and living rooms. Instead, they seek multi-use spaces and wireless connectivity. Location is important, too: Gen Y wants to be able to walk to their favorite local businesses, perhaps as a result of greener awareness and high gas prices.

And forget acres of lawn: although green space is important, most Gen Yers don’t want to spend their weekends mowing, raking and shoveling. With the focus on walkability and community, perhaps more neighborhood parks will spring up. Energy efficiency is a given with this generation; they’ll be looking for products that meet or exceed federal ENERGY STAR standards.

What does this mean for builders? It would appear that cooperation with developers and housing authorities will be paramount — young home buyers aren’t interested in a swanky McMansion in a new development. They’ll look for amenities or look for quality remodels in established neighborhoods. And no more impressing these young people with soaring foyers, miles of granite countertops, or formal living and dining rooms. They’ll be looking for spaces that they really use in their day-to-day life.

How will you be building for the next generation?