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What Renters Want


When looking for a new apartment, what are the must haves, the deal breakers? Renters are often looking for a great location, the correct number of rooms and they generally will want to know if they can have pets or not. According to Realtor Mag, RadPad, a rental marketplace, surveyed renters to find out which amenities are top of mind during their apartment hunt.

A look at what renters across the country are searching for in their next pad, as reported by RadPad:

  1. Parking: 47%
  2. In unit washer/dryer: 32%
  3. Washer/dryer on site: 29%
  4. Dishwasher: 19%
  5. Pool: 18%
  6. Gym: 14%
  7. Garage: 13%
  8. Modern: 8%
  9. Stainless steel: 5%
  10. Furnished: 4%