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Wacky building products


Most products in the building world are pretty staid. They serve a specific purpose and are judged by builders on attributes like performance and durability. But every so often you’ll run across one that’s just a little, well, different. That isn’t to say that these products don’t serve a purpose, but they very well might make you chuckle a little!

Solar cells from jellyfish? Inhabitat covered this emerging idea. Basically, it works like so: “The green fluorescent protein (GFP) that makes the Aequorea victoria glow is simply dripped onto a silicon dioxide substrate between two electrodes. The protein works itself into strands between the electrodes. When ultraviolet light is shined on the circuit, voila, the GFP absorbs photons and emits electrons, generating a current.” And don’t worry: jellyfish aren’t endangered. As a matter of fact, their overpresence can throw off an ocean’s ecosystem.

DIY Life asks “Are Mushrooms the Hot New Building Product?” We have to know too: are they? Mycelia, a fungus is apparently durable and easy to produce, might just be. A California artist recently built a structure from it and, who knows, someday you might, too. According the DIY Life, what makes mycelia so green is that it is “incredibly strong, water-resistant, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and 100% biodegradable.” Oh, and it has superior insulation qualities than most materials on the market today.

It’s not exactly a building product, but it is inspired by a product we all need to have around: the toilet plunger lamp. Perfect for bathroom decor and a fun project if you are so inclined.

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