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Universal design: Things to remember


We all want to stay at home for our lives, enjoying our communities and and houses. As your clients age, this will be something many of them want. As a builder or remodeler, you have the unique ability to make people’s homes comfortable and livable for the long haul.

We found a great article on Housing Zone about trends to watch when it comes to universal design and aging in place. Let’s take a look:

  • “Good design is good design.” Builders, remodelers, architects, homeowners and the general public are now realizing that universal design doesn’t mean institutional design. And as Housing Zone points out, if you design a house well, it will work for multiple generations.
  • “New technology helps.” Do your research and take advantage of the products that can make people’s lives easier as they age (e.g. hands-free faucets).
  • The bathroom is a room that needs special attention, considering it is essential to daily life. Things like higher toilets, showers without a threshold, seats on tubs and grab bars make bathroom time far safer. The best part is (see point 1!) that these products don’t look very different from regular bathroom products.
  • The kitchen is another room that people can find hard to maneuver when older or injured. Thins like lowering the countertops and providing drawer pulls that arthritic hands can manage will go a long way!
What things do you think are most important in universal design?