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Top home design trends according to American Institute of Architects


The American Institute of Architects’ recently published report on top home design trends offers an interesting glimpse into the American homeowner’s mindset. Affordability — making practical renovations and additions more so than flashy and perhaps unnecessary ones — is key, the report finds, though homeowners are certainly not shy about investing in features and products that foster energy efficiency and greater accessibility throughout the home.

Not surprisingly, many “special function rooms” — think in-home theaters, exercise rooms, and the like — are on the decline. But a few are increasing in popularity:

Special function rooms that remain popular include home offices, outdoor living spaces, and mud rooms. Home offices appeal to telecommuting workers as well as to the growing number individuals who work exclusively out of their home. Outdoor living areas and outdoor rooms reflect the growing interest in expanding the household’s living space into the outdoors. Interest in mud rooms reflects the need for additional closets and other storage space, as well as the increasing informality of space in the home.

With the downsizing of homes, special function rooms have been disappearing. For media rooms/home theaters, exercise/fitness rooms, hobby/game rooms, home workshops, kid’s wings/guest wings, interior kennels, and interior greenhouses, a growing share of residential architects responding to this survey indicated that interest in these spaces was declining. This leaves only a few examples (notably outside living areas and home offices) where there was general consensus among residential architects that interest among households is increasing.

Check out the AIA’s report for more information. How do these trends match up with what you’re seeing the marketplace?