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Top 10 Cities with Best Wage Gains


We’re not saying that if you’re looking for a raise you should pack up and move to Columbus, Ohio, but if you’re already living there, odds are that you may have experienced an increase in your hourly wage over the past year. According to a recent report from CNN Money, hourly wages in Columbus, Ohio grew a healthy clip of over 6%. San Francisco, Virginia Beach, and Louisville Kentucky weren’t far behind with increases of over 5% compared to July 2014.

The overall average hourly earnings throughout the United States only rose 2.1% in July compared to a year ago.

Following are the top 10 cities with best wage gains in June compared to the same month last year – as reported by CNN Money:

  1. Columbus, Ohio: 6.2%
  2. San Francisco, California: 6.0%
  3. Virginia Beach, Virginia: 5.9%
  4. Louisville, Kentucky: 5.9%
  5. Rochester, New York: 4.9%
  6. Sacramento, California: 4.7%
  7. Boston, Massachusetts: 4.5%
  8. Las Vegas, Nevada: 3.9%
  9. Raleigh, North Carolina: 3.9%
  10. Portland, Oregon: 3.7%