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Top 10 Cities for General Contractors


Home improvement contractors often find that remodeling projects are subject to various municipal rules and regulations – causing many a headache. Seemingly endless rules govern what work can be done when and by whom. Still, it’s a booming business. Projects According to the Census Bureau, Americans paid professionals nearly $130 billion dollars to work on 30 million home improvement projects in 2013, reports Thumbtack.

According to a survey by Thumbtack Journal, professional remodelers in 75 out of 95 cities covered viewed their local government negatively compared with the view of non-construction professionals, reports Professional Remodeler.

Thumbtack gathered responses from 3,578 contractors across the country and looked at cities where contractors rated their local government as being more friendly than pros in other categories. They then ranked the cities by the spread between the reported contractor score and the overall score for that city.

Top 10 Cities for General Contractors, as reported by Thumbtack:

Greenville, South Carolina

New Haven, Connecticut

Albany, New York

Tampa, Florida

Port St. Lucie, Florida

Ashville, North Carolina

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Cincinnati, Ohio

Dallas, Texas

New Orleans, Louisiana