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Tips for timeless luxury


Luxury all too often is a victim to time. Think about it: Home features we may have considered luxurious 20 years ago (see: the formal dining room) are no longer as desirable. Technologies advance and needs change, yet most homeowners agree they would like their home to feel timeless.

This creates a major dilemma for builders, architects and designers. How do you design a home that’s luxurious by today’s standards that also will stand the test of time for decades to come?

Dwell tasked interior designer Alene Workman with that very question. She’s no stranger to homes with seven- and eight-figure prices, either. Workman’s portfolio includes dozens of luxury homes built along Coastal Florida. But luxury isn’t necessarily a matter of price. Workman shares 10 tips for timeless luxury, but here’s a few that really stand out:

  • “Always design the ‘bones’ of the interior (walls, floors, ceilings) to be permanent since these set the stage of the overall design.”
  • “Use natural materials like stone, fine woods, and marbles that convey a sense of strength and everlasting beauty.”
  • “Stay clean and always refine – and avoid too much clutter. Overdoing anything will be wearisome. Luxury is often seen through fine line and clarity.”
  • “Select materials or fabrics that are durable yet have rich textures or color tones that are inviting and can feel delicious.”
  • “Create an architectural background with important detailing that gives uniqueness and definition to the home, including creative and proper lighting solutions.”