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The Kids Are All Right


Teenagers: all they care about is…living green? According to Qualified Remodeler, more and more teenagers are taking a leading role in making their homes greener. As an example, they offer a story of an adult who didn’t get rid of her working dishwasher that didn’t match her other kitchen appliances, despite clearly wanting to. Her teenage son considered this a wasteful thing to do. Now many of us might say that we’d never let our goofy teens make decisions about our house, but it could be a good thing if a child is thinking about how to green your home as opposed to how to put as many miles possible on your car.

We’re not suggesting that you make a green presentation to your clients’ children, but it can’t hurt to consider that the people in the household with the most concern might not be the ones actually paying for the project, but the ones who have their ear.

And it’s not a bad idea to start considering how your business works with green building and remodeling. After all, today’s idealistic 16-year-old without a penny to their name is next decade’s 26-year-old looking to buy their first home. How will you be attracting their business?