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The Five Homeowner Personalities


Last month, over 59,000 building industry professionals gathered in Las Vegas for the 2016 International Builders’ Show (IBS). It’s the only show of its kind, and focuses specifically on the needs, concerns, and opportunities that face builders. In addition to the myriad of exhibitors, IBS offers educational seminars delivered by various industry influencers and educators. One such speaker, Todd Bairstow, made a lasting impression on the Integrity team — highlighting the importance of understanding your customer’s buying persona.

As noted in the Builders’ Show speaker directory, Todd Bairstow is a well-known entrepreneur, online marketing expert and founder of Keyword Connects, a business dedicated exclusively to the generation of home improvement sales leads. His “Pay Per Lead” business model and performance-based philosophy have turned Keyword Connects into a leading provider of the highest quality home improvement leads to dealers and franchisees across the country.

His educational session, “How to Effectively Sell to the Five Buying Personas,” emphasized the importance of online search — specifically Google — in remodeling projects. Naming it, “the single biggest influence on home purchasing and remodeling,” Bairstow stressed the importance of knowing, and catering to, every type of customer.

But what are those typical customer personalities, and how do you cater to them?

“The Five Homeowner Personalities, “according to Todd Bairstow:

The Straight Arrow

This customer likely lives in the suburbs and is incredibly busy. They have a low attention span and are not as price sensitive as other customers. The Straight Arrow is a great prospect, but speed and convenience are key. Offline marketing efforts will routinely drive them online to your website, and they are apt to make quick decisions once there.

Key takeaway: Make your contact information readily available, and ensure your website’s user experience is painless and intuitive!

Reputation Detectives

For reputation detectives, the expected experience trumps all — including price. This customer will search for any and all online complaints in vetting potential businesses to find the most trustworthy partner.

Key takeaway: Regularly seek reviews from customers, and leverage those positive reviews in your messaging. Provide the kind of customer service that will set you apart.

The Product Geek

The Product Geek has likely been to all of your competitors’ sites to compare and contrast products and often seeks third party research, too. They will routinely seek additional product specification over the phone, and are more concerned about the quality of the product than the price.

Key takeaway: Ensure detailed product information is layered throughout your site, and always be ready to speak directly to product specifications and performance.

The Price Monster

Obviously, price is the number one consideration to the Price Monster. This customer starts with cost comparison, and product information takes a back seat to the price tag. Price Monsters are the customers most likely to consider DIY solutions.

Key takeaway: Strong offers still work, but showing the superior value of your products without naming price can be just as important.

The Wired Homeowner

The Wired Homeowner commands a small, but growing segment of the market. This customer regularly uses social media to check up on your company and will be likely to take friends’ recommendations into account.

Key takeaway: Highlight testimonials, and ensure your company is positively featured on consumer review sites.

Photo from NARI