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The feature 64 percent of Millennials demand in new homes


If you are a Millennial, there is a good chance you are reading this blog post on your smartphone, validating the point I am about to make: When it comes to building for younger home buyers, “smart home” technology has become an absolute expectation.

Considering the 2013 Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate survey of 18- to 35-year-olds, which found that 84 percent believe technology is an absolute home essential. Furthermore, 64 percent claimed they would not buy a home that wasn’t equipped with the latest tech innovations. Just let that resonate for a moment. Are you building homes to feature tech that satisfies this audience?

Let’s agree to define the latest innovations as any tech that’s controllable via smartphone. In which case, it’s really not very difficult to begin including smarter home tech features. Here are two really great products to get you started:

  • The Nest Learning Thermostat, which adjusts to homeowner behavior and is operable via Internet and mobile devices, is one inexpensive ($200-250) feature that has earned rave reviews. It also only takes about 30 minutes to install.
  • UniKey‘s Kevo Smart Lock is like any traditional door lock, except your smartphone serves as the key. Similar to some late-model vehicles, the lock can detect an approved smartphone or keychain on a homeowner’s body and unlocks with just a touch, meaning there is no fumbling for keys. UniKey sells for about $149-199.