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Tear-downs force zoning regulations to be amended in major cities to preserve neighborhood charm


Across the country, more homeowners who would have in the past chosen suburban living are instead settling in the city.

One downside to this urban renaissance: tear-downs. Never mind the sights and sounds of construction in otherwise quiet neighborhoods. In many cases, these demolish-and-rebuild projects have drawn the ire of neighbors and city planners alike as historic, character-driven neighborhoods become cluttered with bulky, ostentatious new homes.

As a result, local government officials in many communities are amending zoning regulations to maintain the charm of their neighborhoods. For instance, in southwest Minneapolis, the city council recently passed regulations limited the height of new home construction, set forth yard-space requirements and added incentives for use of high-quality construction materials.

If your company operates in a major city where tear-downs are on the rise, keep an eye on zoning amendments. If they haven’t been implemented already, they may soon!