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Square gives building professionals a powerful financial tool


Smartphones arrived to market in the middle of the last decade on the promise they would make our lives more manageable. But aside from a silly bubble-level app, it was difficult for building professionals to see the immediate benefits of owning an expensive mobile device, especially on the job site.

We were really excited to see the product featured on this week’s “Products We Love” feature on Daily5Remodel. Samantha Strong of Minneapolis-based design/build firm Metamorphosis writes that Square, a mobile point-of-sale solution more commonly found in coffee shops and Apple Stores, has done wonders for her homebuilding business.

Strong writes:

As a small company, Metamorphosis had looked at accepting credit cards before, but the application process and fees were too much. We knew of Square as a resource for small companies or individuals who experience small transactions — typically under $100 at a time. Since construction bills are never that small, we didn’t think it was an option. But with more research, we found that it was a perfect fit.

Square starts with a plug-in card reader that’s about the size of a postage stamp. It can be plugged into Apple and Android mobile devices. Best yet: Square hardware is free. As for transaction fees, businesses are charged 2.75 percent per swipe and 3.15 percent per typed transaction. However, there are no contracts or monthly fees involved.

Would you consider using Square for your business?