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Some green tips for your next projects


Everyone wants to go green these days. And it doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank! Over at Fine Homebuilding, they have a list of tips for builders who are looking at greening their projects. Here are a few of them:

1. Get an energy audit. If you don’t have a baseline for how a house is treating energy, how will you know what to improve?

2. Seal air leaks. Fine Homebuilding tells us that 30% of heat loss can be attributed to “leaks in the thermal envelope, so air sealing should always precede insulation.” 30%. Wow!

3. Install renewnable energy devices. Examples include solar or photovoltaic panels.

4. Replace or upgrade your windows. Hey, we know where you can get some awesome windows! In all seriousness, replacing your old windows with new, energy efficient ones will not only help your clients save money, but make their homes look even better. What’s not to love.

Check out Fine Homebuilding for more tips. What other advanced green building/remodeling tips do you have?