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Samsung introduces smart home tech solution at the Consumer Electronics Show


The 2014 Consumer Electronics Show kicked off this week in Las Vegas, and once again, smart home technology is hogging up the spotlight.

In what might be the best smart home tech solution we’ve seen thus far, consumer tech giant Samsung has stepped into the arena and this year will unveil “Samsung Smart Home” – a connected ecosystem that allows homeowners to operate Samsung appliances and gadgets from a single mobile application.

Ry Christ of explains how it works:

“Initially, the platform will provide users with three main services: Device Control, Home View, and Smart Customer Service. Device Control will allow users to access customized settings for all of their devices on their smartphone or on their Smart TV. Just select the Samsung Smart Home icon, and you’ll be able to control multiple devices at once, whether you’re sitting in your living room or traveling abroad. The service will also allow you to use voice commands with your Galaxy Gear or Smart TV remote — tell your device that you’re “going out,” for instance, and your connected lights and appliances of choice will turn off as you leave.”

Home View allows users to take advantage of the cameras built into many of Samsung’s connected appliances to take a look at what’s going on at home. Smart Customer Service will notify users whenever it’s time to service an appliance, and also provide assistance in after-sales servicing.”

According to Christ, Samsung will launch the technology in the first half of this year and focus on select Samsung Smart TVs, connected appliances and smartphones, later expanding into solutions including home energy, secure home access and even healthcare.

Here’s a visual representation of Samsung Smart Home:


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