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Rise of the micro apartment: Cheaper, greener, better?


If you are a builder or remodeler dealing with multifamily housing, you know that building codes regarding size are very important. In high-density urban areas, people sometimes actually want smaller spaces — it’s greener, often less expensive and there’s less to clean.

San Francisco might very well end up with the smallest-allowable apartments in the country. There’s a plan that is in discussion for apartments of 220 square feet (the size of a prison cell, as MSN Real Estate points out). These micro apartments will rent for significantly less than regular apartments — around $1,200 to $1,700. Still pricey, but for a city like San Francisco where the average apartment rent is $2,734, a micro apartment could lead to a lot of savings!

Building units this tiny will take a lot of ingenuity for the builders and architects involved (and probably for the eventual inhabitants) but tiny houses/apartments can lead to very cool spaces.

Would you want to build apartments this small? What sorts of features would you include or get rid of?