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Putting the house in warehouse


In case you missed the must-read feature in the Wall Street Journal, a number of urban dwellers are rather creatively putting the “house” in warehouse amid limited inventory in major U.S. cities.

WSJ’s Candace Jackson writes,

“Across the country, adventuresome and sometimes deep-pocketed home buyers are converting urban diamonds in the rough into one-of-a-kind residences with both modern conveniences and historic charm. Warehouse conversions are especially popular in space-crunched cities like New York, San Francisco and Chicago, where the available inventory downtown can’t meet the demand for city living.”

Trucking garages, factory floors and manufacturing plants, each authentically vintage, have been converted into unmistakably modern residences. It’s good business if you can get it, but certainly these projects require a bold team of building professionals.

Have you ever undertaken a project like one of these? If so, what was the experience like? What type of surprises did you confront? What was the greatest challenge?