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Professional Remodeler study finds social media marketing is picking up steam despite skepticism


Does your marketing strategy include social media?

According to a study from Professional Remodeler, remodelers who have ventured into Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other popular social networks have seen a positive impact on business. In fact, social media was identified as one of the most effective avenues for marketing.

Jonathan Sweet, editor-in-chief at Professional Remodeler, writes,

“Of those remodelers that do use social media, most estimate it is delivering only a small (but growing) portion of their business. Eighteen percent say none of their business comes from clients they reached through social media, but that’s down from 33 percent in our last survey. Seventeen percent of remodelers are getting more than 10 percent of their work from clients they’ve reached through social media, up from 4 percent last year.”

There’s still plenty of skeptics out there, though. In the study, several remodelers indicated doubt that social media reaches their target consumer and the time investment for upkeep exceeds the expected return.

Cynics aside, the study gives reason to believe an increasing number of remodelers, specifically, and home builders, in general, will include social media in their future marketing plans:

  • 62 percent of remodelers have a Facebook fan page, up from 35 percent last year.
  • 36 percent have a company Twitter account, up from 19 percent.
  • 35 percent of remodelers have a company blog, up from 20 percent.

Remodelers also spoke highly of traditional websites, with a whopping 87 percent indicating they were at least somewhat effective.

Is social media a part of your marketing strategy? Why or why not?