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Picture-perfect beauty: Framing your view with windows


Architect John Hill, writing at, reminds us windows are more than just functional openings to let in light and fresh air. Carefully placed, well chosen windows serve an important aesthetic purpose, as well, framing the view outside like a perfect work of art. He writes:

The following photos exhibit a variety of ways of framing views in contemporary architecture, from small openings to expansive ones. The main idea is a deliberate framing of nature or the city, turning the window into a picture, an ever-changing one.

Hill’s post is full of beautiful photos illustrating his point, and we’ve placed a couple of our favorites here. Be sure to check out the original post for more.

Our sister site, Marvin Windows’ MLuxe blog, has covered this issue before, as well, in a pair of videos with garden home designer P. Allen Smith: one in which he discusses the general concept of “framing the view” and another in which he discusses his own design inspiration (click the “watch inspiration video” tab).

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