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New Technology on the Jobsite


The iPad seems to be everywhere these days. It’s new, it’s cool and its innovative construction could make it very useful for…construction.

As technology has advanced, so have the opportunities for builders. When laptops became lighter and more transportable, it was easy to throw it in your bag on the way to a jobsite. And when technology became more mobile with the introduction of smartphones, it became even easier to stay connected on the jobsite. Now you could not only take calls from people, but also stay connected to the Internet and access important documents.

The introduction of the iPad is a game-changer for builders as well. It’s lighter and even more portable than a laptop, but with a larger screen than a phone. As Construction Informer points out, it can help reduce the need for builders to carry around hundreds of pages of drawings and specs. Handy!

How do you feel about this new technology? Do you have an iPad? Are you sticking with a smartphone or laptop? Or are you a proud Luddite? Let us know if mobile technology is helping your building business!

Photo courtesy of Apple.