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More builders adopting social media for marketing purposes


Just how quickly is the building industry adopting social media?

A survey from Professional Builder claims 45 percent of builders use social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. That’s up from just over 30 percent last year — a considerable hike, to be sure. The same survey found 45.1 percent of respondents believe social media to be a “critical” marketing tool — up from 35.3 percent last year.

Not all social networks are created equally, though. As shown in the chart above, Pinterest has gained a significant and influential following over the past year. In case you’re unfamiliar, the site allows users to “pin” their favorite photos from around the Internet to pinboards, which act as inspiration boards or collections of photos users like and want to remember. Those pins are then shared across the Pinterest network so that the site becomes a virtually endless stream of beautiful, inspiring photography. Which is where builders are seeing the most utility.


“Matt Kleinick, a marketing assistant at Sterling Custom Homes, got his company on Pinterest on Dec. 9. Since that time, 9% of the company’s website traffic has come from Pinterest — beating out both Facebook and Twitter.”

 Make no mistake, that’s an impressive metric, especially consider there’s no cost of entry for joining and posting on Pinterest beyond the cost of producing photos.

Do you use social media for business purposes? If so, which network has helped your business the most?