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Integrity windows contribute to a modern kitchen makeover with Japanese-inspired style


Some simple touches and and a unique approach went a long way toward making this kitchen remodel a modern masterpiece with Japanese-inspired flair. With Wood-Ultrex windows from Integrity Windows and Doors, this kitchen is a piece many homeowners would be happy to have.

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It doesn’t take much – a subtle choice of door glass here and a fresh surface finish there can transform an ordinary kitchen into a highly personalized one. However, for this remodeling project by kitchen designer Dana Jones, major changes were required before the finer touches could be addressed. The original design had resulted in a cramped galley kitchen and a separate windowless dining space, with the two areas divided by an interior wall, says Jones.

“The first thing was to remove this wall and relocate the dining room door for improved pedestrian flow,” says Jones. “New windows were introduced in the kitchen area and these play light across the room to the banquette seating.”

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