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Industry news round-up for Oct. 14, 2010


In honor of, well, nothing in particular, today’s industry news round-up is focused on a series of news items about “green” homebuilding and design. We hope you’ll find something interesting and informative in the stories below.

Home Appliance Industry to Develop Sustainability Standards
Builder Online
“Interest in greener appliances is moving beyond measurements of energy efficiency, according to the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM). Consumers want to know more about the overall environmental impact of their refrigerators, microwaves, air conditioners, clothes washers, and the like. Responding to requests from its membership for a method to provide such information, AHAM recently entered into a collaboration with standards writers UL Environment and CSA Standards to jointly develop a set of voluntary, lifecycle-based sustainability guidelines for home appliances, both major and portable.”

Green Home Design: Passive House
Charles and Hudson: Green Building
“What constitutes a passive house? It’s an energy-efficient home which relies on insulation, sunlight and an airtight exterior as the only means of maintaining the temperature of the home.”

Is Data-Visualization the Next Big Thing in Going Green?
“Even if you’re eco-minded, you might often find yourself breaking some of the golden rules of sustainable living – lengthy hot showers and gas guzzling vehicles anyone? But how do you keep bad habits from creeping up and hurting our beloved Earth? For better or worse we live in a world where visual stimuli is one of the best way to reinforce good behavior, so with this in mind several new green tech companies are trying to transform our wasteful behavior with visualization systems that allow us to see how our actions are impacting our environment. While there aren’t images of polar bears falling off melting icebergs for every light left on, you can be assured that these consoles will give you data needed to set goals and start changing the way you make decisions about energy usage.”

All About Water Systems: Rain, Waste, Filtration, Heating
“The West Coast Green trade show last week featured over 140 exhibitors showcasing the newest innovations in green building. I saw a lot of products related to water: how to collect it, how to use it, how to reuse it, how to heat it, how to cool it. Here’s a roundup of some of the companies and products you’ll want to know about.”