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Idea spaces maximize creativity, productivity and togetherness


These days, we know the home buyers demand functional space that can serve more than one person. Not only has this fact profoundly impacted the way homes are designed and built, it also has spelled the end for the formal dining room, for example. What’s the point of wasting space on a single-purpose room that’s only used occasionally? recently asked several architects and designers to submit their best attention-grabbing ideas for the home of tomorrow. One submission that really stood out: idea spaces.

Nick Lehnert of KTGY Group Inc., wrote:

We have expandable file folders, expandable luggage, expandable dining room tables; the list goes on. But what if home buyers had expandable rooms?

If the family room had a connected “idea space,” it could afford additional family uses while the family room was already engaged in activities. It could be used as an area for working on homework, an informal special dining area for the kids, or a quiet area for reading and recluse.

A place where a family can be inspired, be productive and — most importantly — be together? Sounds like a pretty great idea to us. What do you think?